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Soufiane Ababri

Yes I Am


Softcover with dust jacket, 240 x 320 mm

244 pages
, 118 images

Essay by Elisabeth Lebovici
Edition of 500
€50,00 EUR + shipping
This publication brings together for the first time a selection of drawings from the Yes I am series begun in 2020 by Soufiane Ababri. Through this gallery of portraits, Ababri weaves a queer community in which he recognizes himself, and which testifies as much to the kinship as to the singularity of each of its members. Some are close friends of the artist, others personalities from the worlds of art, literature, cinema and fashion... James Baldwin, Andy Warhol, Guillaume Dustan, Tom Ford, Jimmy Sommerville, Tarek Lakhrissi, John Waters and many other figures for whom Ababri declares not only his admiration but also his queer closeness. In her essay, art historian and activist Elisabeth Lebovici explores the semantic, historical and political resonances of the bed that serves as Ababri's studio, and describes his work as “bedworks”.