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Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

No Pasa Nada

Hardcover, 167 x 201 mm
Japanese binding
96 pages, 92 images
Edition of 400
€35,00 EUR + shipping
These 45 paintings were made during the confinement months of April and May 2020 at Casa Franco, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Casa Franco was built in 1929 by Luis Barragán. I used material that was easy to find, gouache on hardboard, and painted as slowly as possible to keep myself busy for 8 weeks, trying to reflect the beauty of my surroundings, the suspension of time, the epic sunrises and sunsets, the choir of birds singing at dawn, the colors and textures of the walls, the blooming trees, the bike rides under a hard, uncompromising sun, the peaceful nights of rest in loving arms.